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New cultural center opens in Bodrum

New cultural center opens in Bodrum

Officials in the southwestern district of Bodrum have opened a new, multimillion-dollar cultural center featuring an art gallery, two conference halls and a classroom.

“The cultural center was designed by the [Muğla Sıtkı Koçman] University and the [Turkish Physics] Foundation to serve scientific, cultural and social events such as national and international congresses, symposiums, conferences, workshops, discussions, seminars, exhibitions, theater plays and film screenings,” said Şükran Nasuhoğlu, an 87-year-old retired teacher who donated 2 million Turkish Liras for the construction of the 4.2 million-lira building, which has been dubbed the Şükran-Rauf Nasuhoğlu Research Education and Cultural Center.

The facility, which is located at the university’s Fine Arts Faculty and is spread out over a wide area, was opened Oct. 3 with a ceremony that drew Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay.

The opening ceremony featured a 40-minute classical music concert from members of the Fine Arts Faculty who played works by Vivaldi, Mozart and Edgard.

Günay said the number of culture-related facilities was increasing in Muğla.

“For example, we have started the restoration of the Telmessos Ancient Theater. When it is finished, we will have the chance to organize events in a theater seating 2,000 to 2,500 people. The mausoleum and its environs reveal a rich history as we dig. We have also revived the Roman-era Beçin Castle, which is 500 meter away from this place,” he said.