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Bodrum looks to future with eco-friendly homes

Bodrum looks to future with eco-friendly homes

As Bodrum is becoming year-round tourism destination, increasing numbers of eco-friendly and sustainable housing projects are being developed across the Aegean town.

Real estate companies have been developing housing projects in Bodrum, which is one of the top tourism destinations in Turkey for both local and foreign tourists, as they have done in urban city centers, because the residents of the town are becoming more permanent and less seasonal.

Talking about its Adabükü Project in Bodrum, Turkish real estate company MM Project said the local projects tended to focus on convenience, practicality and security, adding that transport, sports and social facilities have been established to meet the people’s daily demands while developing projects.

The project developers focus on especialy security systems to present these projects. Since, the touristic provinces have been known as desolated areas, a new image has been proposed.