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Bodrum Land of Eternal Blues

Bodrum Land of Eternal Blues

Jun 9, 2012

Bodrum is one of the most popular “sea, sun and fun” destination in Turkey, offering luxurious accommodations in a setting that both respects the area’s fishing village past and revels in its jet setting present.

Homeros described Bodrum as the “land of eternal blues” and Turkish author Cevat Şakir who made Bodrum his home, said it was “better to live in peace in Bodrum than to rest in peace elsewhere.”

The New York Times does not call Bodrum the Saint Tropez of Turkey for nothing… Along with its secluded bays, hidden coves and historic treasures, fine dining and world-class nightlife. It’s no wonder why Bodrum has been a vacation spot for A-List celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Beyonce Knowles, Sting, Elizabeth Hurley and Nicole Kidman. Jutting into the Aegean Sea in southwest Turkey, Bodrum offers the sort of understated luxury that is appealing. Yacht-lined marinas, casual-yet-sophisticated clubs and smartly-dressed visitors from Istanbul and other major European cities give Bodrum a French Riviera feel.

Bodrum is one of the most spectacular resorts in Turkey with its charm residing in its blend of relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, historical culture and its proximity to a vast array of fantastic beaches, fishing villages and trendy nightclubs. The city, known in ancient times as Halicarnassos, town of Herodotus, has grown dramatically in recent years with the opening of an international airport – yet its delightful charm remains intact with palm-lined streets and whitewashed, flat-roofed houses dotted across its terraced hillsides.

The views of the city are exceptionally striking against the stunning backdrop of the Castle of St. Peter, which stands formidably between the city’s twin bays. It is even more spectacular in the summer as Bodrum bursts into color with cascades of bright pink and purple bougainvillea flowing from the dazzling white houses that line its narrow streets, winding down towards the sea. Bodrum is also the yachting centre of Turkey and its world-class marina is a favorite destination for yachts that cruise the Aegean and Mediterranean.

Another major attraction of Bodrum is its buzzing cafes, restaurants and shops, as well as its wealth of trendy and sophisticated Bodrum nightlife. By day, the central bazaar is a great place for shopping with its array of leather, clothes, carpets and assorted souvenir and gift shops. Or, if you venture into the narrow streets of the old town around Meyhaneler Street, you will discover chic boutiques and souvenir shops, along with rustic Turkish restaurants. There is also a weekly market near the bus station if you want a colorful taste of the native produce, including the delicious locally grown tangerines.

But the city really comes to life at night, with a magical atmosphere that doesn’t sleep until dawn. Whether you are searching for romantic harbor-side dinners, an evening promenade or sipping cocktails in the up-market marina, there is something to suit everyone. Bodrum also boasts some of the most sophisticated and trendy bars and clubs in Turkey, many with international DJ’s, including the world famous Halikarnas Disco, Club Catamaran and Hadigari.

In some spots, visitors find the green land covered with tangerines, olives and pine trees overlooking dazzling blue bays where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet. Seaside villages feature long, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters for swimming and water sports. At the water’s edge, restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels and boarding houses – also known as pensions – offer some of Turkey’s best and most diverse cuisine and accommodations.