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Bodrum by ferry boat

Bodrum by ferry boat

Now it will be a little easier to come to Bodrum. If you are in Istanbul you can soon take the ferry from there and go to Bodrum.

Recently a private company in Istanbul bought and renovated two ferryboats with the names “Samsun” and “Ankara “. Their aim is to use them for trips from Istanbul to Bodrum and from Bodrum to Istanbul. It is also planned that the ferries can stop in Cesme , Izmir.

Next month this company will make an announcement how these ferry boats will work. Moreover , the new ship harbour in Bodrum will be completed for such kind of ships/ferries/cruises by April , 2007.

According to the information received , the company plans the trip as follows ;
The ferry will leave Istanbul on Friday evenings and will arrive to Bodrum on Saturdays ..
And the same ferry will leave from Bodrum on Sundays and will arrive to Istanbul on Mondays.
It is said that , the ferry might carry cars as well.


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