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Bodrum Amphitheatre

Bodrum Amphitheatre

The Bodrum Amphitheatre is a fourth-century B.C. amphitheater in Bodrum. It’s another structure accredited to the reign of King Mausolus, although it wasn’t fully completed until the Roman era. The theatre is another witness to the great past of Bodrum, and it is one of the best preserved structures of ancient Halikarnassus. Originally, it was built around 4th C BC during the reign of King Mausolos, in 2nd C AD, during the Roman period, it was enlarged and enriched.

Seating about 13.000 spectators the theater dates to the region of Mausolus but with modifications added by the Romans. With rock tombs above, the site provides an unequalled view of the city. Some of the seats at the theatre are inscribed with names probably those who had helped to pay for the theatre.

Today Turkcell and Ericsson have completely restorated the site of the Antique Theatre into an open air museum. The Bodrum Amphitheatre lies on the road to Gumbet and is used for concerts and shows during the high season.

Whenever you are in Bodrum and there is a concert in the Amphitheater you should definitely go and buy a concert ticket.